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Manzoumeh Kherad Institute was established in September 2000.

Our vision:

Becoming a World-class Institute that is an Institute with the following features:

  •     High performance
  •     High commitment
  •     Life-long Learning

Our mission is to help our audience to become more competent. Considering our Institute’s vision and mission, the mission of our Schools is: Creating an environment in which all the members of the system can reach their full potentials.

The active sections of the Institute are:

  •     Kherad Schools, i.e. Preschool, Elementary school, Junior High School and Senior High School
  •     Professional Development of Human Resources Research and Development
  •     Assessment Department
  •     Consultancy Department
  •     Art House
  •     Publications
  •     Sports Center

Our Facilities:

Our building is 12000 Square meters consisting of 3 separate buildings and 7 floors with the following facilities:

  •     Pleasant Educational spaces including 6 laboratories: 2 for Physics, 1 for Chemistry, 2 for Biology and Geology.

  •    Four computer labs
  •     Central Library with 13950 books in Persian and English and 15 magazine and newspaper titles both in Persian and English

  •     Elementary School Library with 8200 English and Persian books and 5 magazine titles
  •     Preschool Library with 660 English and Persian books
  •     Three different gyms for different kinds of sports
  •     An Amphitheater accommodating more than 300 people

  •     A Cafeteria serving 400 people at a time
  •     A Conference Room accommodating 100 people
  •     A Meeting Room accommodating 25 people
  •     An Art Gallery

  •     Health-care Center
  • Manzoumeh Kherad Institute tries to design its educational programs in a way that the teachers and students can acquire a better understanding of the global issues facing the new generations.

Our teachers and students participate in International and national projects to share their knowledge and understandings with their peers all over the world. In a nutshell, our Institute has committed itself to help the development of the three feature of World-class Institutes, i.e. high performance, high commitment and life-long learning in all the processes in which staff, students and parents are involved.

Thus, we expect energetic and active participation of all the members of the system along with a strong feeling of ownership of the Institute’s vision and mission.


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